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Gene Fragments Synthesis Service
Gene Fragments are double-stranded, linear DNA molecules which can be used independently or be easily assembled and cloned into the vector of your choice using a variety of cloning methods, They are manufactured applying the same high-fidelity synthesis chemistry used for all our gene synthesis services and are characterized by a faster delivery time, more economical pricing.


Custom shRNA Knockdown Constructs Service

ShRNAs were cloned into lentiviral and adenoviral expression vectors to express short RNAs, short siRNA fragments were formed, and gene function and target screening were investigated in cells by silencing the target gene.

Gene Mutagenesis Service
If customer need mutational variants of synthetic DNA,  play only 666 RMB  for each mutation* of  basic sequence (up to2kb). Large series of gene mutated construction are no longer time consuming projects.

About us
We  have many years of experience in marketing and biotechnology, we provides technical services related to molecular biology and cell biology and antibody reagents for universities researchers and research institutes. Customized technical services include sub-cloning, various virus packaging, cell model construction, reagent products including Proteintech antibodies, trangenic mice genotyping kit, stem cell culture medium, etc.